Out of all the activities that we intend to do, our organization, FCP, has led some events, workshops, and drives on the ground, across many cities in India this year.

Be it creating awareness about plastic and e-waste, leading a workshop on recycled materials for capacity development, clean-up drives, or promoting climate-smart practices. We also led many health and hygiene training and capacity-building programs, going on till plantation drives and afforestation practices making space for more safe water awareness and water treatment practices.

Some of the biggest highlights so far have been:

  • Training and capacity-building program for schoolchildren to increase their understanding of single-use plastic and e-waste, as well as government policies addressing these issues. This training was conducted at Suraj Bhan DAV Public School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, in July 2022. The training was conducted for the students in classes 5th to 10th.
  • Full-day workshop for school children, parents, and teachers on Recycled Items Made from Plastic Waste and E-Waste.
  • Distribution 300 Cookstoves to rural communities of women in Jodhpur, Rajasthan to mitigate the climate change that it can lead to. These women don't have access to clean cooking or any government support or scheme for cookstoves and they are totally dependent on fuelwood.
  • School Awareness Activity on Water Conservation Practices
  • Through this activity, we created awareness among the school children about safe water practices and water conservation techniques in daily life, built their capacity towards water conservation efforts and practices, and made them responsible for environmental conservation and the importance of safe water for life. We also organized a painting competition for the students on water.
  • Awareness on waste management, segregation, and disposal in RWA society. This activity was completed for the RWA society in Vipul World, Sector-48, Gurgaon in December '22.Through this activity, we created awareness among the RWA members, the youth, women, and housemaids about waste segregation at the source level through nukkad natak and plantation among the children of the society and our volunteers. We also installed dustbins for dry and wet waste in the various lanes of the society and informed people about the importance of waste segregation, disposal, and management.
  • Information, Education, and Communication Activity in 16 States of India. This activity was implemented by the Foundation for Climate Protection in collaboration with our partners in December 2021–May 2022.
  • One day awareness drive along with BrightSun Travels Ltd and installation of water Purifier in the slum region of Sector 48, Gurgaon.

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