Reducing Carbon Emission

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere warms the planet, causing climate change. Human activities have raised the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide content by 50% in less than 200 years, which cannot be reversed but we can only work our way through by lessening the harm that we cause now towards controlling some of the hazards. As per NASA, responding to climate change involves two possible approaches: reducing and stabilizing the levels of heat-trapping greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, which is called mitigation and adapting to the climate change already in the pipeline “adaptation. And, we at FCP work towards these two approaches.

Biochar produced in cookstoves has the potential to contribute to negative carbon emissions through sequestration of biomass carbon while also providing other benefits for sustainable development, including provision of clean renewable energy and increased yields in tropical agriculture.

If we bring the lens to India, most of India’s cooking in rural areas is done using three stone stoves. The fuel for these stoves is wood from the forest. Burning fuel leads to higher emissions of GHG and particulate matter, which are harmful to health and the environment. As a result of these cooking practices, high levels of health-damaging pollutants are produced, including small soot particles that penetrate deep into the lungs.

FCP’s Work on it:

To reduce the carbon emission and impact on the environment and health, FCP decided to distribute the end mentally sustainable cook stoves which directly removes the twin issues of indoor pollution and carbon emission. FCP is distributing these cookstoves in the rural areas of the various states of India. In the first phase we have already distributed more than 250 cookstoves in the Jodhpur district of Rajasthan and now plan to distribute them in the rural villages of U.P.

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