We at FCP believe that at the core of every positive change, evolution and growth is awareness. We have recognized that one of the major causes of pollution is a lack of awareness among people regarding the causes and effects of pollution, and their role in both contributing to and improving it. We, as sensible citizens can do both.

So, FCP through campaigns and knowledge sharing through Information, Education and Communication, hold awareness campaigns and drives in various parts of the country. We do this with varied audiences keeping in mind their backgrounds, work, and the state of pollution. We share with them the bigger climatic picture and how we being part of the system can make it better.

FCP’s Work on it:

FCP created awareness for plastic waste management, single-use plastic, and electronic waste management among the residents of RWA society, Market areas People, and Waste workers who directly engage in the segregation, collection, and disposal and Sanitation staff of Municipal Corporation of more than 16 states. For awareness creation, different campaigns were designed by FCP, namely: 

  • “Let’s segregate campaign- Solution starts from our own hands”
  • “Your voice matters- Say no to single-use plastic”
  • “Know your waste” - Capacity Building of people for household waste
  • “Your voice matters- Say no to single-use plastic”
  • “Your health, your safety”- Capacity building for waste workers on health and hygiene

FCP raised awareness and provided capacity-building training to over 5000 people, including over 2000 waste workers. These awareness programs were part of IEC activities sponsored by our partners. Two major activities were:

An awareness event on Climate

Rao Ram Singh Public School, Gurgaon- Impacted 500+ students through an awareness session on single-use plastic, a drawing session on what the earth looks like according to them, and a plantation drive

Theatre for Climate

RWA society in Gurgaon, Impacted 400+ people with nukkad natak on climate change and its consequences, cleanliness, and plantation drive

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